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 Welcome to the Platzöder / Stadler Genealogy Website. My name is Shane Edgar and the information and pictures here are a result of years of ancestral research.  Throughout the years my research succeeded only because of the help of fellow amateur and professional genealogists whom I'm indebted to. Through this website I hope to keep my information organized and as accurate as possible for my benefit as well as others. I am continuously surprised by how often people contact me after viewing this website to either provide me with important genealogical information pertaining to my family research or to inquire if I can help in theirs. I try to help if I can.

My ancestors emigrated from Germany, Prussia and  Bohemia, depending on what time frame you choose to go by. It can get quite confusing, especially for folks like me who never experienced living or growing up in these regions of the world. Most of my ancestors came from Bavaria/Bayern while others came from Pommern, Prussian Silesia (Schlesien) and Posen (Poznan), and Bohemian Hirschbergen and Schönau (now Czech Republic).

Genealogy to me is more than finding an ancestor's name and birth and death dates. When I can, I like to associate other interesting information about the individual, pictures if available, flag images of their birth country or region, gravestones, etc. Throughout the pages of this website I have tried to add a little something that represents my ancestors, either as individuals or groups.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any comments, queries or corrections.


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